The members of EMMANUEL INDONESIAN CHURCH are called to:

Witness to our community and the world through worship, music and service, that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and that God loves each one of us.

Welcome all within our walls, young and old, men and women, rich and poor, literate and illiterate, sinners and saints. In God’s eyes, none is greater, none is less.

Nurture and Sustain all our congregation, through example and teaching of the Word, to live their Christian faith and meet each day’s challenges.

Serve our local community, through outreach programs, to meet individual and social needs with Christian love in answer to God’s call to “Love Thy Neighbor;”

Support the worldwide mission of the Presbyterian Church, USA, through financial and personal involvement. Unite with sister Presbyterian churches and peoples of other faiths and cultures for understanding and mutual support.

Invite and welcome others to join in Christ’s family of faith. Actively seek others to join in an atmosphere of worship in which God’s presence provides inspiration and empowerment.

God has called us to love thy neighbor. We try hard to listen to that calling at EMMANUEL INDONESIAN PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH knowing there are many in need locally, nationally and globally.

Building together healthy congregations and trusting relationships (Eph 2:22), Partnering with one another in what we do better together (Phil 1:5) and Sending disciples in witness and service (Matt 25:31-46 and Matt 28:18-20).